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Sprinkler System

Our services and prices:

Below is a general guide to give you an idea on what a few services cost. Prices are based off of light-digging conditions. Doing the digging yourself is a great way to save money. We will inform you if prices are much higher than listed below.

Repair a broken sprinkler pipe: $75
Repair any broken sprinkler piping if under ground: $125
Adjustments: $125 (Adjusting existing system to perform as designed for residential systems with eight zones or less. To do this, we turn the system on and run water through each zone, adjust sprinkler heads for proper coverage, set timer, replace broken sprinkler heads and fix leaks. Additional charge for time in excess of one hour.)
Adjustments with consultation: $175 (We run through the entire system, give intructions on how to operate the system, identify problems and suggest solutions for improving overall functions.)
Set timer: $50 (This controls how long water is on in each area. Residential 8 zones or less.)
Replace and set timer: $100 (Residential 8 zones or less)
Replace sprinkler head: $40 (trip charge) + $10 (per head)
Replace valve above ground: $75 Replace valve below ground:$125
Install backflow prevention device: $175 (Additional charges if digging is necessary.)

*We give free estimates to convert your existing zone to a drip zone. All prices are based on reasonable access. Prices good through 2012.

For sprinkler work, call us at
(503) 643-0466 Westside or (503) 669-2722 Eastside


Sprinkler System Components

Timer - controls how long, what time and what days your system waters each zone.

Sprinkler timer and wiring

Shutoff valve - stops the supply water from going to any piping down-stream from the shutoff valve.

Sprinkler shutoff valves

Backflow preventer - click here for information.

Backflow prevention devices

Zone valve - controls how much water flows to the specified zone. Your controller opens your zone valve as it's programed to, which allows water to run through your system and supply that particular zone's sprinkler heads with water.

Sprinkler zone valves

Sprinkler heads - desperse water from your system's pipes to the desired landscape. There are two main types of heads - spray and rotary. Spray heads shoot a constant spray of water in an isolated direction. Rotary heads shoot a stream of water and pivote to spray in different directions.

Spray and rotary sprinkler heads

Drip zone - an adjustable, low output system designed to meet the needs of individual plants and small areas. These are often used to water potted plants and gardens.

Drip irrigation

Drains - allow stagnant water in system to drain out. This helps protect against freezing. To fully protect your system, a blow-out is necessary (see above for service prices).

Sprinkler drain valves